skinTRITION, Nutrition for the BEAUTY condition!  Have you ever really thought about how incredible our skin is?
Did you know that our SKIN is the largest organ of the human body? It accounts for nearly 15% of body weight, it’s waterproof, it adjusts itself to temperature, it sweats out impurities, and it absorbs everything we put on it! It is, frankly, the perfect package of protection!  It’s the only covering we get in a lifetime, so why put toxic chemicals on it that sink into our remarkable bodies, cause disease and damage our endocrine systems?
Welcome to skinTRITION ORGANICS, 100% pure skin nutrition.  skinTRITION ORGANICS is the next step in your wellness prevention catalog.   You already get incredible internal nutrition from the vimTRITION CORE 4; VIM SUPER FOOD, OHH-mega and D-3 Liquid Sunshine, and The Royal Flush, because INTERNAL WELLESS RADIATES EXTERNAL BEAUTY. Now add external nutrition with skinTRITION ORGANICS!
Skin care does not need toxic, synthetic ingredients to work.  Pure Botanical extracts nourish and rejuvenate skin that changes from both internal and external factors.  Typically, skincare is categorized by skin type.  skinTRITION ORGANICS is categorized by ages.  Skin changes as we age.  This is the result of hormones.  Different ages need different skin nutrition and all skin nutrition needs to be applied to a healthy foundation.
Skintrition was designed to be economical and effective. Less time, financial savings, safe and real results are what every woman is looking for in a skin care line.  SKINTRITION ORGANICS delivers! We have combined the best and the latest cutting edge skincare science with the most powerful plant botanicals to create the most effective and safest skin care available.   

STEP ONE: The REGENERATION Bar: a One Step Facial   (yields 4 months of facials, samples yield 21 facials, available on
Everyone should use the Regeneration Bar.  The REGENERATION Bar primes the skin and balances the PH for all age groups to prepare the skin to absorb skin nutrition.  The REGENERATION Bar is NOT A SOAP. It is a solid cream bar, handmade from the finest and most effective ingredients.  One step satisfies Cleanser, Toner and Exfoliation.  With consistent use, pores, blemishes, wrinkles & dark spots are minimized, impurities are drawn out, PH is balanced and cells are regenerated to expose cleaner, tighter, refreshed skin, ready to absorb healing skin nutrition.
Directions: Do not rub, scrub or use a washcloth.  Simple moisten, lather with your hands and apply the creamy lather in a  gentle circular motion to your face, neck and décolleté with your fingers. Let sit for 30 seconds then rinse by gently splashing cool, lukewarm water.  Gently pat dry.
For DRY sensitive skin: use once a day for the first week and leave the creamy lather (as a nourishing mask) on for a few minutes before rinsing.  Never put your face under hot water in the shower.
*To help your bar last, dry it out between uses.  I set mine on an angle against the side of my soap dish.

STEP 2:  Moisturize (samples are available on
There are 3 moisturizers to choose from in the SKINTRITION LINE.  SKINTRITION moisturizer options were designed to nourish the age of the skin, which benefits the type of skin. Keep in mind that hormones change approximately around the same age in a woman.  However, not all girls get their menstrual cycle at the exact same age, nor do all women begin perimenopause or menopause at the same age. It is an approximate age that the human body matures and starts to change its hormonal lifecycle.
The moisturizer age designations listed on the packaging are a close, but, approximate number. The following are some tips on choosing your moisturizer if you are not sure.
  1. Try samples, available at
  2. Under, approximately, 35 year old skin should avoid using hyaluronic, so stick with Clarity.
  3. Any age with blemishes, oily, rosacea skin, stick with Clarity. This may change as your skin improves.
  4. After 35 Normal Skin, Pre/premenopausal: Renewel as a day cream, Revive as a night cream.
  5. Menopausal Normal Skin: Revive as a day and night cream.
  6. When in doubt? Use your sense of smell & decide which sent resonates with you.  The sense of smell is the first sense to affect the central nervous system, we are all drawn to particular scents. The medicinal grade essential oils are hormonally categorized, your nose knows!

STEP 3: The Eyes
Finish off with Revitalize, the eye lift cream, to prevent and improve wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes.
That’s it!  Pretty simple, so you are simply pretty!  2 to 3 products, easy to use, long lasting, concentrated, safe and effective.
All SKINTRITION ORGANICS pure ingredients are available at, we have nothing to hide!
Keep in mind, that beautiful skin is regenerated from both internal and external forces. Using the Core 4: VIM SUPERFOOD, D3, Ohh-mega, the Royal Flush and staying hydrated with clean filtered water internally, along with SKINTRITION ORGANICS externally, are the tools to increase vitality, radiate energy, slow down and reverse the aging process to bring back your youthful glow.
Enjoy all of our products, NUTRITION for the MODERN CONDITION!


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