Getting Strong, Staying Strong by Les Pritchard; President VIM Today LLC

It happened to me about 12 years ago. As a former Division One college athlete, I was used to being in pretty good shape and being strong. That day, however, I was playing with my son and lifting him and spinning him over my head and something happened in my low back area that wasn’t good. The resulting injury stemmed from a weak core.  Age and ignoring my core strength had finally caught up with me.

I started to work out again on a regular basis. Not all of us aim to become body builders or bikini models (nor should we) but we should all aim to become flexible and strong. Exercises like jumping rope, push-ups, sit ups, air squats, step ups, Yoga, Pilates, etc. are all good to incorporate into your daily rituals to get and stay strong and they don’t require a gym. That day when I was playing with my son, I realized I needed to get back in shape to maximize my duties as a Dad. And even further, I had a responsibility to get and stay strong to serve my fellow man.

Our weight and our strength is one of the few things we have total control over. We control how we choose to move our bodies, what we put in our mouths and we establish our daily rituals. We were created and designed to move. The average American now sits 10-12 hours a day. This habit must be broken in order to get and stay healthy and strong. Sitting is the #1 way to accelerate the aging process, followed closely by a low or no fat diet. Eat well, think good thoughts and find an exercise program that works for you and keep it fun.  And don’t forget your core exercises like the plank, leg lifts, high knee walking, sit ups and more to help prevent injury.

The Chicago Bulls won 6 NBA Championships with some of the oldest athletes in the history of the league. They won more games than anyone else and they focused mainly on their core strength. This strategy also helped the aging athletes prevent injuries.

By getting and staying strong, I have been able to help people and even save people’s lives in a couple of situations. One incident involved me jumping on a Stand up Paddle Board, paddling out into the middle of the river to help a woman onto my board and back to shore who was struggling and couldn’t swim.  Countless times I have been able to use my strength to help my son who broke his leg, to help my Dad get up and down the stairs safely, to help neighbors lift things, all because I decided to get and stay strong. I would have felt terrible if I had chosen to let myself go and not have been able to help those people when they needed my strength and fitness.

I encourage you to find a simple, effective program and follow it daily and don’t forget to take a day to rest each week. Stay tuned to the VIM Today blog and like us on Facebook for more fitness tips, videos and more to guide you on your journey towards elite health and wellness. Use all 3 factors to maximize your health, elite supplementation from VIM Today, regular fitness and a clean whole food diet. 


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